Generic Broadcast Batteries are easily replaced by Rathbone Broadcast Battery Premium Battery Replacement Service

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By Generic Broadcast Batteries are easily replaced by Rathbone Broadcast Battery Premium Battery Replacement Service

  • REMEMBER: Compare our very robust and durable Rathbone Broadcast Batteries 95WH V Mount Style Batteries with the very best and highest discharge cycle available battery cells from Panasonic and LG Chem to the favorite son price of Generic Broadcast Batteries,  Switronix Batteries, VariZoom Batteries,  IDX, Sony, or Red One V Mount Technology.

  • Rathbone Broadcast average price for a better quality and value 95WH Li-ON battery in quantities of four is a rough $184.75 each plus a FREE 2X Simultaneous Charge Lithium Ion Charger with a 4 Pin XLR Power Supply! On a 160WH, a rough $289.75 each plus the same FREE Charger!

  • Switronix Average Price per 98WH - $289.95, 140WH - $599.95 each. V Mount Charger is always extra.

  • Please see home page for PDF pages including:
  • Accepting V Mount Charge and Why We Think V Mount Is Better.
  • High Load Concerns with ALL battery brands are addressed by Rathbone PDF.
  • From Our Perspective, AB DIgital Battery Issues and Resolution
  • From Our Perspective, AB "Digital" Battery Issues and Resolution

For Quality, Price, and Value, Upgrade to Rathbone Broadcast Batteries Today!

There are no items currently available with this brand

  • Upgrade Your Sony BP Batteries, Anton Bauer Batteries and Chargers, IDX Batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries, or Generic Batteries such as Switronix Broadcast Batteries, VariZoom Batteries or other generic broadcast batteries for Higher Quality and Better Value Rathbone Batteries Today!

  • If you are going to buy lithium ion battery packs, invest your money in a more quality product through Rathbone Broadcast Batteries........

    • We offer the widest selection of lithium-ion Sony Style V mount batteries and Anton Bauer Style Gold mount batteries, and Red One Style Batteries for broadcast and film cameras. It begins with a light weight BP65 (1.2 lb.) that has a 65 watt-hour capacity; and extends to 700WH that allows hours of operation.

    • They are available exclusively through Rathbone Broadcast Batteries in gold-mount, v-mount, red one v mount style, and 4-pin xlr battery types that suit various kinds of broadcast and film cameras. The battery housings are ergonomically designed to enable robust usage; and yet easy to handle.

    • Excellent Battery protection circuitry are built-in to safeguard against over-discharge, over-charge and over-current.

    • We have streamlined the internal operation and performance circuitry of these batteries and they have built in protection circuitry to ensure the highest degree of safety operation available.

    • Rathbone is a battery assembler since 1989, are competent, and we use proper weld tabs, insulators, and spacers.

    • By streamlining these batteries we remove unnecessary and fragile components that might be used to force someone's battery to only work with one brand charger.

      • Unnecessary components that have nothing to do with the safety of the battery only increase the chance that the battery will fail prematurely because of unnecessary components being damaged when a battery is jolted or dropped. Unless there is a melt down the end user never knows the difference, thinks the cells are bad and buys a new pack. It also reminds me of a built in program on a thermostat for an air conditioner filter or a broadcast product that takes an average and then reads, "Service", whether the product needs service or not.

    • All batteries are equipped with:

      • LED indicators for monitoring the capacity.

      • Camera Light Power Tap

      • DC Barrel Center Pin Negative Connector for a travel charger or power output not to exceed 55WH Maximum.

    • You will also notice the lighter reflective color of the case and the flat nature of the battery pack design which allows less rows of cells that in return allow better heat dissipation of the internal battery cells. The case for the batteries and chargers are generic but are exactly what I wanted for my battery and charger guts..

    • LG Chem, Panasonic, and Sanyo "Best Available" lithium ion battery cells offer the highest discharge cycles available at +/- 500 charge - discharge cycles and a consistent discharge performance curve throughout the cycle life allowing more run time per cycle. Low end "Brand Name", Economy, third world and Chinese cells offer < 200 charge - discharge cycles but also supply a quick and constant degrading discharge curve, performance, and it is not unusual to see battery cell leakage, especially in Chinese cells, which is a danger to the battery, the equipment, and most importantly, the users.

    • Individual battery packs are assembled from the same battery cell lot numbers. (Lot-same manufacturing run)

    • As with our rebuilding and assembly lines, only fresh cells.

      • Your battery packs are custom built under strict quality control using new, fresh premium Panasonic, Sanyo, and LG, balanced battery cells from the same respective manufactured battery cell lots. Battery cells do not have an infinite shelf storage life. Therefore, we do not build up a bulk of battery packs to be left sitting on shelves.

    • Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC., called all other battery assemblers and distributors to the table in 1993 by developing the FIRST and ONLY FULL DISCLOSURE WEB SITE educating the end users and giving extreme detail on battery cell specifications and battery pack design,

    Our quality and price is Great. You are getting below box house pricing on the Best Panasonic, Sanyo, and LG cells, they move fast, so there is a short lead time on orders. Do not wait, place your order today by email, telephone, or through our Rathbone Broadcast Battery Store, .

    Available exclusively through Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC., and our dealer network. Accepting Dealer Applications, Worldwide.

    Important Battery PDF Specification Sheets are in the lower section of the below link which takes you to another Rathbone Web Site:

    Rathbone Broadcast Batteries for detailed PDF sheets on:

    High Load Issues

    Accepting V Mount and Why We Think V Mount Is Better

    AB :Digital: Problems and Resolution

    Red One Alternative

  • Material Safety Data Sheets for Rathbone Broadcast Batteries

    Many more.

    Home > Brands > Generic Broadcast Batteries are easily replaced by Rathbone Broadcast Battery Premium Battery Replacement Service

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