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Shipping Policy

Normal Shipping Policy:  Also, see  "Terms of Use" for Warranty and Disclaimers.
  • All shipments have a $10.00 handling fee to cover material cost.  This is the $10.00 that shows up in the shopping cart as shipping because of the limited CGI script currently provided.
    • We try to recycle all packing materials keeping this handling fee low and attempting to keep us green.
  • Most clients: After receiving your box/es weight and dimensions, go on-line to their respective FedEx or UPS shipping account and generate a shipping label PDF that you email to us in a PDF file or using the FedEx or UPS system to send us notice of a waiting shipping label for us to go on-line and print.  After we have developed a trade relationship you may provide in writing to us via email, your FedEx or UPS shippers number with permission to use that number on this side to ship your product to you.  Why do we do this?  Thieves in our broadcast market.
  • We no longer accept credit cards.  If we run the freight through PayPal they get 5% of the freight which puts us in the hole.
  • The combinations of batteries, chargers, and accessories makes a weight and item weight factoring program cumbersome.
  • We can accommodate individual client shipping needs that, for various reasons, may be different.
  • We also drop ship.
  • Most clients select the "mail order" option at checkout, email us to advise, or with questions, and mail their check unless doing a bank wire.  When we see the order post we email the bank wire information and mailing address for Cashiers / Company check or money order.  Today the bank's here hold cashiers checks and money orders for three business days before releasing funds for wire transfer.  Company checks, 10 business days.
  • From December 2007 through March 23, 2008 our prior company took over $14,000.00 in credit card charge backs from new broadcast clients that had received their product 4 weeks to 3 months earlier  Due to the housing bubble and many credit cards and credit lines being related to those mortgages in one way or another, these freelancers, stringers, and small production one person shows needed more room on their credit cards.  After we provided signed credit card authorizations showing the correct bill to and ship to address, pointing out that the merchant card machine input was with the correct bill to, ship to, and pin number from the back of the AMEX, MC, and VISA, and providing copy of the signed delivery confirmation from FedEx and UPS, we received NO support from AMEX, MC, or VISA.  Their attitude was; We know he owes you $1,200.00 but he owes us $12 ,000.000.  If we force him to pay you, he may stiff us.  You are the vendor and you must have us.  You eat the $1,200.00.  So, after $14,000.00 in cash and $14,000.00 in inventory was stolen from us, we, like many other small businesses were forced to pull our merchant account.
Mail Payment To:
CLOSED.  Fradulent Credit Card Chargebacks, Bankrupt clients, and mainly, US Level and a few local Tennessee partisan politicians blocking 2200 jobs in East Tennessee, Seriously.  I was heavily invested sacrificing everything to bring those jobs to East Tennessee.  You voted for them Tennessee.
Need a job?  Well, Tennessee, you voted them into office.  As of 4th quarter 2013, Tennessee has the highest crime rate in the nation and the worst state health program in the nation, and is rated number 47 in education.

Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC.

Current Lead Times:
  1. We are a factory.  Rathbone Broadcast Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries, Battery Chargers, Lights, Bags Etc:  lead time can run immediate  up to 3 weeks, occasionally 8 weeks, depending on the product, quantity ordered, battery cell allocations, world economy, power outages, and other.  Please call for estimated lead time if you have a critical situation.
  2. Rathbone Broadcast Batteries Ni-MH Rebuilds and Recells:  current lead time did run approximately 4 to 6 weeks on new orders if we could get Sanyo Ni-MH cells with reasonable date codes, (NOT LIKELY) as they were being phased out in 2008 and 2009, and this lead time changed without notice.  We will not use Chinese cells labeled under any name.

These two links take you away and to our primary web site: Contact Us  Hours  & Holiday Schedule, Winter Shortened Hours to Conserve Energy and Save $$.  If you have any questions regarding current lead time please feel free to email, sales@allbroadcastbatteries.comor give us a call at 865-484-1783.  

Important PDF: Our Position On Nickel Cadmium Battery Cells

In other words, the only battery assembler that actively promotes and is capable of professionally rebuilding broadcast batteries, Rathbone Broadcast Batteriesy, no longer supports Anton Bauer Nickel Cadmium Product.  So keep this in consideration when planning your battery budget money.  Once the Anton Bauer battery fails, the client will no longer get their extended money’s worth from the Anton Bauer battery through their prior ability to send those batteries to Rathbone for rebuilding. Nickel Cadmium has been going out for some time.  Also, several countries either already ban or soon will ban new nickel cadmium products into their respective countries.  However, the Rathbone Lithium Ion Broadcast Battery line is the excellent upgrade.  You CANNOT be a GREEN company and support Nickel Cadmium products.

For 20 years we have supplied only the very best nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and now lithium ion battery cells for new assembly and for rebuilding. Today we have to compromise on nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride battery cells and offer the "Best Available" battery cell in nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride which are all crap.  Again,

Consider "Best Available" in other than Panasonic and Sanyo, NO CHINESE BATTERY CELLS:

Nickel Cadmium: Much Less than 500 Discharge Cycles

Nickel Metal Hydride: Much Less than 500 Discharge Cycles

New Lithium Ion: 5LG Chem, Panasonic, and Sanyo: >500 Discharge Cycles, and 60% of the broadcast market has already gone to lithium ion.


Since we no longer rebuild or do new assembly with nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride battery cells below is a contact for recyclingall your nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and lithium ion battery
John Patterson
Metal Conversion Technologies, LLC

1 East Porter St.

P.O. Box 1026

Cartersville, GA 30120

678-721-0022 Phone

678-721-0266 FAX

Place a note in your box letting them know you were referred to them by Rathbone

Below is a recapture of information to remember and consider as you budget your money.

1)     Almost All Sintered Positive Electrode nickel cadmium battery cells are no longer manufactured by Sanyo.  Panasonic stopped manufacturing nickel cadmium in 2005 and nickel metal hydride in 2009.  Any stock found is too old to get close to 100% capacity.

a)     The Sanyo sintered positive electrode N3000CR I used in the TrimPacs and the KR5000DEL paste negative cell I was stuck using in ProPacs:  My lithium ion packs are the only packs I am building in China.  That will not change.  Insurance, inability to hire technicians to work here properly with lithium ion without training them myself.  Electronics was pulled out of most American high school, technical institutes, and colleges several years ago by state board of regions. GWB’s “edjukayshun”

b)     I have relationships with other Sanyo value added distributors.  No Value Added Distributor does rebuilding except me, all have 5000 piece minimum orders.  Rebuilders simply call someone like me and say, "I need battery inserts to fit this bla bla.  What is the best price you can give me?"  No idea of cell quality or testing, just ability to hopefully re-attach a wiring harness to an insert as long as it gives a voltage and glue the package back together.

2)     From Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, The "Best Available" battery cell for your ProPac is No longer the Gates/GE or Panasonic Sintered Positive Electrode cell.  It was a Sanyo KR5000DEL Paste Negative Cell. 

a)     You can get Sintered Positive Electrode in Chinese battery cells but they are terrible.  I do not do Chinese.

b)     You can find amateur recell companies that buy battery pack inserts or have a small cap welder they fumble around with but their cells are horrible, consumer grade, name brand is BS, etc.  At this point I would NOT waste my money on Nickel Cadmium even if through Anton Bauer, new!  Considering the new discharge cycles I would also not spend money on nickel metal hydride.

Home > Shipping Policy

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