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NAB 2006

We allow no interruptions while Ben and others diligently working on your Dionic 90 Rebuilds.

NAB 2007


In 2010 Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC., was created as strictly a broadcast battery and analyzer manufacturer and became an LLC in April 2011.  Ron L Rathbone has been consistently serving the battery and charger industry in many battery markets and on an international scale since 1989. We are a factory, an OEM-V, VAD, & VAR custom assemblers of dry cell rechargeable and primary battery cells into assembled battery packs, client's final assembly, and manufacturers of battery analyzer charging systems for any industry in the United States or International. Rebuilding / Recell of dry cell rechargeable battery packs such as broadcast news, cinema, film, video, DOD, DOE, DOT, instrumentation, medical, NASA, survey, power tool type batteries, or for any market is a Specialty at Rathbone.   Ronnie (Ron) L. Rathbone is consulted and is the leader in Automotive Hybrid Maintenance, EMV Battery Cell Design, and is on boards for clean energy, renewable energy, and 21st Century Energy Technology.

We properly dispose of the dead cells from your shell and almost always supply a better quality and amperage battery cell insert for substantially less money than a new but lower quality battery pack. It makes a better green Earth.

Rathbone Broadcast Batteries has a complete line of New Broadcast News Batteries, Cinematography, And Professional Film and Production Lithium Ion Batteries, Lithium Ion Battery Chargers, Battery Camera Bags, Broadcast and Cinematography Lighting, Broadcast Monitors, Tripods, Video Lenses, and Video View Finders.
Ron L Rathbone is also involved on a Local and State Level to secure Federal Energy Grants, corporations and investors interested in bringing the following manufacturing technologies to our county, Cocke County Tennessee.  Technologies include EMV Battery Cell Manufacturing and R&D facilities, Clean - Renewable Technologies, Storage, Solar, Wind, Rare Earth Materials Refining Processes, and Tier 1, 2, and 3 manufacturing facilities for automotive and other industries.   Please contact Ron L. Rathbone for a face to face meeting here in Cocke County if you have interest and can show that you can be an asset.

Rathbone Broadcast Batteries backs up what we say in detailed black and white along with manufacturers battery cell specification sheets. The more you know the more you will like rathbonebroadcastbatteries.com

Rathbone designs battery analyzers for any industry and many other fine products. Please continue your read.

Rathbone Broadcast Batteries is a SBA Hub Zone Empowered Certified Contractor in an underdeveloped economic area of the Appalachia's: Located on the county line of Cocke County - Newport / Jefferson County - Dandridge, Tennessee

*      Keeping our cost down keeps your cost down

*      Doing business with a HubZone Empowered company may provide tax benefits for your company.

*      Rathbone Broadcast Batteries qualifies as a HubZone because

*      This Appalachian area has an average yearly per person income  well under the national poverty level, <16K per annum

*      Has an average unemployment level well above the national average +/- 10%

*      Borders the Cherokee Indian Reservation of the Smokey's

*      Rathbone Broadcast Batteries chose this Tennessee location to give Hope to some wanting to do better and be an example for many.  You can provide a great benefit by placing your orders with us today; keeping us in business, these mountain craftsmen and women on the payroll, and help build our community. 

*      Rathbone manufactures and assembles in the United States, thus actually made in the USA.

*      We serve clients in the United States and Internationally

*      In a dark way Cocke County Tennessee made the LA Times November 2006 front page, and a section of a Knoxville News Sentinel 2005, but with what great resources we have in our client base, we here, with your help, intend to be a light in the community showing hope and a better way to any who will follow and also interface with any clients and vendors who wish to get involved to make a better world starting here in Cocke County Tennessee.

Genesis 1: 26. Be Responsible, Please Recycle 

"Environmentally Conscious" is the theme of Rathbone Broadcast Batteries.  As part of our mission to help protect the world we live in and in a conscious effort to fight a throw-away society, we try to recycle everything in the battery, while providing you affordable quality product.  Cell quality first, cost second. SM

Environmental Statement

We use recycled paper and recyclable plastic products wherever possible.

Recycle Anton Bauer Batteries!

We refer your regular recycle needs to facilities whose business is the  retrieval of other recyclable battery products through:


John Patterson

Metal Conversion Technologies, LLC

1 East Porter St.

P.O. Box 1026

Cartersville, GA 30120

678-721-0022 Phone

678-721-0266 FAX


Place a note in your box letting them know you were referred to them by Rathbone.
To employee my services please see Ron L Rathbone on Linkedin

Home > About Us

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