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About Ronnie (Ron) L. Rathbone


  Ronnie (Ron) L. Rathbone is on Linkedin and for hire.

With 23+ years experience in battery chemistries analysis, including lithium, and battery management/charging, Ron is available worldwide to companies in the EV and other emerging energy or any other markets can utilize, knowledge and hands-on abilities on dry cell rechargeable battery cells/packs and battery management systems/chargers. Following consulting work with the US DOD, and multiple DOD contractors, they each informed Ron that he is foremost the best battery cell and battery pack behavior specialist and battery management (BMS) developer with whom they have worked. He has great imagination and a visionary personality that enjoys working “outside the box” and with other stimulating team members. Ron has documented much of his 23 years experience, sharing it with university educators and students as well as engineers and customers

An Entrepreneur and Business Owner with vision and a strong imagination, SINCE 1989 Ron L. Rathbone has been in a manufacturing environment of dry cell rechargeable battery pack and analyzer assembly and the rebuilding of battery packs from many industries including broadcast batteries, automotive hybrid batteries, and current projects with Electric Motor Vehicle (EV) battery cell technology, renewable energy, and clean energy solutions.

Being the owner of the company Ron has been directly involved with everything from technical board trouble shooting and design, to assembly line production, shipping and receiving, sales staff, trade shows, employee training and all aspects of an international business. Excluding battery cell manufacturing specification sheets, all technical data sheets on each web site are created by Ron L. Rathbone. Data and sales sheets are detailed, accurate, and industry standard reference material.

International clients include the Automotive Hybrid and EV industries, DOD, DOE, Broadcast News, Movie Studios, Professional Film and Video, Industrial, Medical, and many more markets. Ron works directly with the Executive decision makers to make sure they have a clear understanding of their true needs, and understanding their short term and long term purchase needs and new product planning allowing the happy and loyal close of the sale.

Being “the only Battery Assembler” Worldwide that supports rebuilding battery packs, he understands battery specification sheets verses real world applications. That is why so many battery companies come to his web sites and to him directly.

Besides having an electronics engineering degree and background, Ron L. Rathbone is a visionary with a strong imagination, (imagine the impossibilities we can do), having 23 plus years experience on a daily basis working with and testing new battery cells, battery packs, and more importantly, old battery cells and battery packs. The history on thousands of professional battery rebuilds over these 23 years gives Ron a unique understanding of battery cell behavior not found in battery cell manufacturers manufacturing specification sheets or within the on the job training of battery cell manufacturers engineering staff worldwide. This compliment has been handed to Ron from DOD, DOE, and Automotive Engineers alike.

In 1993 Ronnie (Ron) L. Rathbone called all other battery assemblers and distributors to the table by developing the FIRST and ONLY FULL DISCLOSURE WEB SITE educating the end users and giving extreme detail on battery cell specifications and battery pack design.

Ron offers nearly 30 years experience in manufacturing, retail, merchandising, new store set up, location scouting, new business set-up, finance, executive management, sales, marketing, electrical engineering, electronics, computer software, computer hardware and web design and development.

A natural "people person", Ron enjoys sharing business knowledge and technical skills to play a key roll in building and expanding small to mid-sized companies and enhancing the skills of employees. Ron’s natural behavior includes vision, imagination, and ability to take the lead as needed while encouraging other people to become involved. He works very well as a cohesive between levels, across units and within teams and brings mature responsibility with a sense of humor to any environment. A firm believer in continually upgrading his skill levels and education to better serve clients and customers, Ron offers excellent training abilities for senior executives through all levels of company associates.

Ron has 23+ years of battery information in his head requiring contracts and employment that ensure he receives the proper remuneration for 23 years of experience in battery cell and battery pack behavior verses a few weeks training EV manufacturers and EV battery cell manufacturers on the 23 years of experience.

Ron has done thousands of new battery assemblies, but more importantly Ron has dissected thousands of battery packs and battery cells from battery cell manufacturers and battery pack assemblers all over the world.

Ron has made drawings, taken pictures, completed detailed evaluations and tests on these dead or semi-dead batteries as well as new batteries, and collected use and abuse history for the user or users involved with each of these thousands of samples,

Over the last 23 years Ron has been solicited by new clients whose existing suppliers battery products were giving less than desirable performance and samples of batteries and charge systems were sent to him for evaluation and direction.

Consider, (Section pulled from “public” profile due to sensitive nature of companies involved. )

This is a continuing effort by them and Ron is no longer involved unless offered an attractive enough package to pack and move.

Ron had an ongoing effort to bring 2200, second generation, EV battery cell manufacturing jobs and a One Billion Dollar Energy Grant to Tennessee. His parallel focus is to bring Tier 1, 2, and 3 jobs to this area in the fields of EVs, renewables and grids. He was handpicked by a cartel of automotive manufacturers for this Grant. Due to the ongoing economic situation, and federal and state reelection campaigns-partisan politicians, these projects are currently not moving forward but his efforts continue.

Early years: By 5th grade Ron was dissecting small cell batteries and building small electronics including a waterwheel power source and windmill for a science project. This ongoing interest led him to get his degree and eventually opening his own company.

Prior to forming his self-financed business in 1989, Ron spent many years in retail store management, new store set-up and corporate positions with Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Service Merchandise-Mr. How, and in the restaurant, finance and insurance industries earning numerous awards and recognition for exceeding multi-million dollar sales goals, profit goals, and personnel training and development. Ron's retail / restaurant knowledge is second to none.

Ron is degreed in electrical \ electronic engineering with knowledge and experience that also includes the installation, preventative and maintenance of IBM PCs, clones and related hardware and all software including new business software applications, business and security software/features, wireless technologies, the Internet and related Web technologies. Training materials he has written include manuals for Compaq and Panasonic Notebook Computers for a large corporation with more than 3000 units being utilized by their field force, and hundreds of PDF white pages regarding different battery applications for the broadcast industry.

Ron L. Rathbone is a A "Preferred" and "Authorized" Department of Defense Contractor / Vendor and a "HubZone" Contractor, OEM-V / VAR custom design and assemblers of high end dry cell primary and rechargeable battery packs for any industry, also, wholesale dry cell primary and rechargeable battery cells, high end dry cell primary and rechargeable battery packs and custom design high-end battery analyzers/chargers for mass production.

Since 1992 Ron L. Rathbone has been serving such international markets as broadcast news, professional film, medical industry, the federal government, DOD and bids for NASA. A participant in the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), National Home Health Care, (NHHC), and other trade shows and member of the Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), and the Society for Broadcast Engineers (SBE).

Employment: Wal-Mart New Store Set-Up Supervisor, mentored by owner Sam Walton. Home Depot Management, daily/weekly meetings with owners Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank and officers that included setting up the Home Depot version of an every day low price campaign which kicked Home Depot from a regional to a national home improvement chain. In 1989, opened his value added battery assembly company.

Education: Electronics Engineering degree, continuing education courses, various company sponsored and on the job training. Membership with Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Several politicians within Tennessee recently suggested that a position be created for Ron within the State of Tennessee government, separate from the TVA or ORNL, to head a program to bring Tennessee into the 21st century as a technical strong spot for renewable energy and to attract more of these companies to Tennessee. And, courses in renewable and green energy are needed within our elementary and high schools to educate and excite our youth regarding current and future technologies. Colleges and Universities need more advanced courses to prepare students for the job market and hopefully challenging careers. If offered such a position in Tennessee or elsewhere, Ron feels that teaching students and creating current and future jobs is more important than what he can do personally with his own individual company. Through his years working with Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion and previously in nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and dry cell lead acid, providing training and creating jobs for specialized staff members has always been fulfilling.

For additional employment of Ron please contact Ron through ron_l_rathbone@yahoo.com or on Linkedin.

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