Rathbone Batteries Lithium Ion Broadcast Batteries Alternatives to Anton Bauer Batteries, IDX Batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries, Generic Batteries. Select from Sub-Categories below which are between the short & detailed descriptions.

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Rathbone Batteries Lithium Ion Broadcast Batteries Alternatives to Anton Bauer Batteries, IDX Batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries, Generic Batteries. Select from Sub-Categories below which are between the short & detailed descriptions.

Upgrade Your Anton Bauer Batteries Dionic Hytron and Chargers, IDX Endura Batteries. Red One Batteries, Sony BP Batteries, or Generic Batteries to Higher Quality and Better Value Rathbone Broadcast Batteries Today! Selections just below this brief description.

  • All Rathbone High Capacity Lithium Ion Broadcast Batteries come standard with

    • A Standard 2 Pin Power Tap (P-Tap) Connector to Power lights directly.

    • A Standard DC Center Pin Negative Barrel Connector for Rathbone Travel Charger or Power Output Not to Exceed 55WH on the DC barrel output. 

      • When AC power is available you can plug your Rathbone Travel Charger, (RBLi-OTR1), into this DC Port and charge the Rathbone Broadcast Battery while the battery is in use, acting as a power supply.  Ask for pricing

    • 5 LED Power Indicator

    • Cells: LG Chem, Panasonic and Sanyo, Best Available lithium ion battery cells with the highest discharge cycles available, No use of Good or Better options, only "Best" cells.  And NEVER Chinese or South African battery cells under any private label

    • Are Rated at 500 Charge Discharge Cycles which are the Very Best and Highest Discharge Cycle lithium ion battery cells available. 

      • (Best NiCad Available and Best Ni-MH Available: No longer manufactured by Panasonic or Sanyo and much less than 500 Discharge Cycles)

      • It is normal for the battery capacity of a premium brand battery cell listed above, to be at 60% of the original capacity after 500 discharge charging cycles which is the best and highest discharge cycle lithium ion cell available -

    • Short circuit: built-in resumable protection circuit board

    • Components:

      • PTC Protection: After the Rathbone battery pack purposely cuts off the load to protect the battery the Rathbone battery pack will automatically restore to a useable condition in just a few minutes.

      • Thermal Protection:  If the Rathbone battery were to become too hot the battery will automatically shut down to protect the battery pack.  When the Rathbone battery pack temperature returns to a temperature within the usage parameters of the battery specification sheet the Rathbone battery pack will re-store to a working status automatically.

      • IC Over Discharge Protection:  If the Rathbone battery pack is placed in an over discharge situation the IC Protection Circuit will activate and shut down the battery power to protect the Rathbone battery pack.  To restore the Rathbone battery pack to an operating condition simply charge the Rathbone battery pack and the IC circuit will automatically reset.

    • Light Grey Case to reduce heat absorption from the sun

    • Flat packing of cells over nesting of cells to assist in heat reduction.  Example: ProPac, Hytron and Dionic 90 have a nested configuration of battery cells.

    • Detailed Battery Specification Sheet and MSDS Sheet, in Black and White backing up what we tell you is inside the battery packs is what we are selling you.  Know your MSDS sheet.

    • Rathbone could build alternative battery packs with Chinese / South African battery cells for 75% less but we have refused to do Chinese or "Name Brand" battery cells.  However, for the non-professional wanting cheap batteries with cheap performance, for at least half the price, we are thinking on it, No.  If we did, we WOULD tell you they are poop in a bag before you give us your money.  But, When your livelihood depends on your batteries a professional does not settle for second best, let alone use Chinese battery cells and is not waived by overpriced alternatives for fear of not being popular or part of a Kiss A _ _ crowd.


    • For SO's 160WH IS COMMON BUT 200WH IS BECOMING THE PREFERRED WATT HOUR FOR SO's.  Or, bring a knife to a gun fight.

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Full Disclosure Information - No Gray Area - Everything Is Up Front In Detail.

Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC., is a battery assembler, (A factory), not a box house or widget buyer storing bulk purchase battery packs for very long periods of time.  Ron L. Rathbone is a foremost world wide behavior specialist working with the DOD, DOE, and the Automotive industry in new battery technologies.  And our Rathbone Broadcast Lithium Ion Battery Packs serve as a Great alternative to those battery packs manufactured for years Off Shore For companies like Anton Bauer Batteries, IDX Batteries, Red One Batteries, Sony Batteries, or Generic batteries like VariZoom Batteries, Switt Batteries and a host of other generic Chinese batteries.  You may have one or two broadcast battery companies calling themselves a factory who ship in off shore battery inserts with circuit board attached and the case shipped in as well and the battery placed into the case here which would make them a value added distributor at best.  But in reality they really only have a weak tech repair center.  Rathbone  called all other battery assemblers and distributors to the table in 1993 by developing the FIRST and ONLY FULL DISCLOSURE WEB SITE, educating the end users and these widget buyers / distributors, and giving extreme detail on battery pack design. Rathbone is the only broadcast battery supplier that is an actual battery assembler.  No broadcast battery supplier or so called manufacturer actually assembles Li-ON cells into packs themselves or within the USA.  With proper motivation I could supply contact information and links to their Chinese suppliers.

Whether a Professional, Freelance, or Network buyer, once you or they understand the difference between Rathbone Premium High Capacity Lithium Ion Broadcast Batteries, overpriced segregated batteries with what we consider bad design and shelved in a box house or other low end batteries that have been on the shelf in a box house for a very long period and more than likely not in a climate controlled storage environment, you or they will and do choose Rathbone.  A Professional wants a better value but also understands that when your livelihood depends on your batteries you don't settle for second best or worse in product quality, battery knowledge, or by use of low grade brand name cells and short cuts or Chinese cells and short cuts.  A professional is also not waived by overpriced alternatives for fear of not being popular or accepted as part of a Kiss A _ _ crowd.

  • If you are going to buy lithium ion battery packs, nickel metal hydride battery packs, or rebuild your battery packs, wisely invest your money in a more quality product through Rathbone Broadcast Batteries........

    • Rathbone offers the widest selection of lithium-ion broadcast batteries, Sony Batteries Style V mount batteries and Anton Bauer Batteries Style Dionic and Hytron Gold mount batteries, and Red One  Batteries Style Batteries for broadcast and film cameras.  It begins with a light weight RBLi-BP95G or V Mount (1.499 lb.) that has a 95 watt-hour capacity; and extends to 795WH that allows hours of operation.

    • They are available exclusively through Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC., in gold-mount, v-mount, red one v mount style, and 4-pin xlr battery types that suit various kinds of broadcast and film cameras. The battery housings are ergonomically designed to enable robust usage; and yet easy to handle. 

    • Excellent Battery protection circuitry are built-in to safeguard against over-discharge, over-charge and over-current.

    • Rathbone has streamlined the internal operation and performance circuitry of these batteries and they have built in protection circuitry to ensure the highest degree of safety operation available.   

    • Rathbone is a battery assembler since 1989, are competent, and we use proper weld tabs, insulators, and spacers.

    • By streamlining these batteries and components Rathbone removes unnecessary and fragile and very unnecessary components that might be used to force someone's battery to only work with one company brand charger.

      • Unnecessary components that have nothing to do with the safety of the battery only increase the chance that the battery will fail prematurely because of unnecessary components being damaged when a battery is jolted or dropped. Unless there is a melt down or the user knows and understands how to use the top of the line model, which still has gaps, the end user never knows the difference, thinks the cells are bad and buys a new pack.  It also reminds me of a built in program on a thermostat for an air conditioner filter or a broadcast product that takes an average and then reads, "Service", whether the product needs service or not.

    • You will also notice the lighter reflective color of the case and the flat nature of the battery pack design which allows less rows of cells that in return allow better heat dissipation of the internal battery cells. The case for the batteries and chargers are generic but are exactly what I wanted for my battery and charger guts..

    • LG Chem, Panasonic, and Sanyo - Li-ION "Best Available"  lithium ion battery cells offer the highest discharge cycles available at +/- 500 charge - discharge cycles and a consistent discharge performance curve throughout the cycle life allowing more run time per cycle.  Low end "Brand Name", Economy, third world and Chinese cells offer < 200 charge - discharge cycles but also supply a quick and constant degrading discharge curve, performance, and it is not unusual to see battery cell leakage, especially in Chinese cells, which is a danger to the battery, the equipment, and most importantly, the users.

    • Individual battery packs are assembled from the same battery cell lot numbers.  (Lot-same manufacturing run)

    • As with our assembly lines and now retired rebuilding lines, only fresh cells and packs are used.

      • Your battery packs are custom built under strict quality control using new, fresh premium Panasonic-Sanyo Li-ION, and LG, balanced battery cells from the same respective manufactured battery cell lots.   Contrary to marketing hype in nickel metal hydride and lithium ion battery cell and battery pack marketers, battery cells do not have an infinite shelf storage life.  Therefore, Rathbone does not build up a bulk of battery packs to be left sitting on shelves for undetermined periods of time.

    • Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, LLC., called all other battery assemblers and distributors to the table in 1993 by developing the FIRST and ONLY FULL DISCLOSURE WEB SITE educating the end users and giving extreme detail on battery cell specifications and battery pack design,

Rathbone quality and price is Great.  You are getting below box house pricing on the Best Panasonic, Sanyo, and LG cells, they move fast,  so sometimes there is a short lead time on orders.  Do not wait, place your order today by email, telephone, or through our Rathbone Broadcast Battery Store, www.rathboneenergy.biz .

We understand that you really want Rathbone Broadcast Batteries which are always in high demand and move off of the shelf faster than we can produce them.  Our policy is always first money in is first product out.  We do not hold batteries or add batteries to a manufacturing run on promised sales orders and promised money. Please do not attempt to sit us out because someone else will get those batteries.

Broadcast Battery Rebuilding by The Professionals verses Amateurs and Chain / Franchise Store Amateurs, especially with Lithium Ion

Even though these come and go Rebuild / Recell / Refill want to be's use Rathbone Battery Reference Library PDF white sheets as a guideline, they still do not understand the electronics and battery cells and are still amateurs spinning facts to be misleading.  No matter what you are told, quality battery cells are also not available so Do NOT do a Rebuild, Recell, or Refill!  Explained in short on down this page.  These amateurs trying to recell or refill Anton Bauer, especially any Dionic Series, do not even understand or use the 2702 with DDM and cannot confirm that the battery is functioning properly.  From a battery assembler, what these amateurs are doing is very dangerous and these are very dangerous opportunists risking you and your equipment!  DANGER, DANGER! DO NOT DO A RECELL OR REFILL, EVER!

Buy American and The Other Side of the Coin

Available exclusively through Rathbone Broadcast Batteries, and our dealer network.

Product Links and PDF Specification Sheet Links for Rathbone Broadcast Lithium Ion Batteries:

Rathbone Broadcast Lithium Ion Battery Detailed Battery Specifications PDF

Accepting V Mount Charge and Why We Think V Mount Is Better

AB "Digital" Battery Problems and Resolution-Read this before buying new or doing a recell/refill

High Load Concerns with ALL battery brands are addressed by Rathbone PDF

Red One Battery Alternative.PDF

Rathbone High Power Lithium Ion Broadcast and Film Pack, 15/30V, 4 Pin XLR Connector Specifications Sheet PDF

Material Safety Data Sheet, Handling and Chemical Specifications Sheet for Rathbone Lithium Ion Broadcast Batteries  The most important specification / information sheet about batteries of any type from any manufacturer is your MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).  Every battery user should read and understand your MSDS not just for heavy metals but for the chemicals used by any battery cell manufacturer in the manufacture of any battery cell.  Reference my PDF, battery cell leakage.

Battery Cell Leakage

Rathbone Lithium Ion Charger Specifications Sheet, PDF

Rathbone Lithium Ion Charger Detailed Specifications Sheet PDF

Rathbone Broadcast Lithium Ion Battery and Charger packs

Rathbone Li-ON Battery Chargers Page

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Why we refuse to rebuild IDX Endura V Mount Batteries, Why we no longer rebuild Anton Bauer Dionic Series Batteries, Why we no longer rebuild nickel cadmium batteries.  

First the Nickel Cadmium Batteries 1.pd

First, Our Position On Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries 1.pdf

*Nickel Cadmium battery cells are environmentally unfriendly. Thanks to International Environmental Concerns and the good laws of other countries, our battery cell manufacturers have already phased nickel cadmium from their manufacturing lines.  Panasonic did so in 2005. Sanyo started their depletion in 2008 and that division was sold to FDK in 2009.  You cannot use nickel cadmium battery cells and be green or promote yourself as environmentally friendly.  Rathbone Broadcast Batteries is an Environmentally Conscious Company striving to stay Green always. Having our own line of lithium ion broadcast battery packs, Rathbone Broadcast Batteries has phased out small cell nickel cadmium battery assembly and also battery rebuilding, no longer supporting new assembly or the rebuild of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) small cell nickel cadmium battery products in any market.  Being the only Battery Assembler Worldwide that supports rebuilding battery packs, we understand that this will create a hardship on those already invested in nickel cadmium products but we offer our Upgrade and great alternative in Lithium Ion.

Nickel Metal Hydride: Panasonic stopped production of small cell nickel metal hydride cells in 2009, and in a restructure mode - Sanyo Battery followed.  I understand that Panasonic invested in Sanyo Li-ION division and the rest, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride among other chemicals, was purchased by FDK Japan in 2009.  FDK has world wide offices and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.  If I could find Panasonic or original Sanyo nickel metal hydride battery cells through Panasonic, Sanyo, or another Valued Added distributor, (who by the way have $5,000.00 minimum orders), the date codes on the cells would be too old and  unacceptable for premium capacity ratings. Chinese and South African/Chinese battery cells under any private label name have an average 200 discharge cycles, immediate battery cell deterioration, and cell leakage which will damage circuit boards and components.  We do NOT do Chinese cells.

LifePo4 - September 01, 2011: I started work on this product in 2007,  I will write a white page on why we continue to elect not to assemble this chemical battery and why the battery pack manufacturers we work with refuse to work with this chemical, and what my colleagues in the EV field and I experience when running extensive test on this chemical from existing manufacturers of the cell.  I wanted to introduce this pack in early 2008 but for the expectations of myself and industry colleagues that actually manufacturer battery packs and chargers, it is not practical or ready.  I have been approached by most if not all of the manufacturers of the cell for a long time wanting me to consider it for Broadcast batteries and other versions for EV research.  I have to say no and tell them why without giving out our experience and research information for free.  This has been very frustrating to me because I was looking forward to using this cell.

Environmental Statement


Respect Lithium Ion

Since we no longer rebuild or do new assembly with nickel cadmium battery cells below is a contact for recycling all your nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and lithium ion battery packs. We are NOT affiliated with any recycle contact. For those with minimal quantities of nickel cadmium battery packs they can be dropped off at any Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, etc. 


John Patterson

Metal Conversion Technologies, LLC

1 East Porter St.

P.O. Box 1026

Cartersville, GA 30120

678-721-0022 Phone

678-721-0266 FAX


Place a note in your box letting them know you were referred to them by Rathbone..

  • Cash Discount for Bank wire, Cashier's / Company Check, Money Orders included on prices listed in our on-line store.

THE "CONTACT US" AND "SHIP TO" ON THIS WEB SITE, rathbonebroadcastbatteries.com, and rathboneenergy.biz, ARE THE ONLY CONTACTS AND SHIP TO LOCATIONS FOR RATHBONE BROADCAST BATTERIES, LLC,  Chinese companies are trying to confuse the market with ALL of the other dot whatever extensions.  That is actually flattering for me but is also a real problem.  Rathbone, the battery reference library for the want to be since 1989.

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